supporting: Amani

price: 22 $

Delle piccole ciotoline in corno di mucca, lavorate da un gruppo di artigiani Maasai di Nairobi, Kenya. Sono prodotti completamente fatti a mano, lavorati con materiali naturali. Un modo per supportare il lavoro locale. CLIC, COMPRA QUI.


A handmade African bowl created out of real cow horn. We often work with local artisans in the Nairobi Maasai Market in Kenya to supply Amani with products while promoting local creativity and talent. Each who supplies us with items is a partner in Amani’s vision of using natural materials, all handcrafted, to compliment Amani’s line of beautiful products, and, each artisan is a partner in promoting peace and economic support in the lives of those beyond the gates of Amani. CLIC, BUY HERE.